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Sara Forouzan

Sara Forouzan, LMFT

I am a first generation Iranian American Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist living and practicing in Los Angeles. I provide online sessions with individuals and couples who feel they must balance multiples identities and want to learn how to increase closeness. With a background in community mental health and trauma focused lens, I take an intersectional approach to therapy. Two factors matter most when considering services: your own desire to receive support and your relationship with the therapist. Finding a therapist who you feel “gets you” and you feel safe with is essential. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for a 15 min free consultation to see if I am that fit. I welcome and work with couples of all kinds, including all genders and sexes, all sexual and gender identities and all types of relationships including monogamy, polyamory, or however else you identify. 

State :CA


Los Angeles, California, United States

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